Injection moulding machine SM100-SPARK for Medical

Brand: Taiwan Union Plastic (TUP)

Short Description:

Model: SM100-SPARK (Super Master)
Made In Chaina

Chen Hsong

Injection moulding machine

Supermaster SM100-SPARK for Medical

This spark may light off a new revolution

The SPARK series of all electric injection moulding machines is itself a marvel of modern engineering, combining high performance, rock-solid stability and superior reliability into a remarkably affordable package

10 X faster More applications, Breakthrough technology

♦ Japanese High performance specialised screw desings

♦ High-End Bimetalic screw(Standard)

♦ Special mixing screws for the best mixing


“ALL-Adapt” is a package of technologies that enables an all-electric injection moulding machine to gain a wide application window, from ultra-thin-walled moulding (such as high-speed packaging) to thick-walled, high-pressure parts (such as optics). It is made possible by high-end algorithms running in a high-speed computer controller, using data obtained from high-speed digital transducers, allowing the machine to adapt dynamically to the actual moulding process, in real-time, and makes necessary adjustments within milliseconds.