Horizontal Injection Moulding machine SM1900-TP Chen Hsong

Brand: Taiwan Union Plastic (TUP)

Chen Hsong


Injection Moulding machine


Two Platen Advanced Series

The SUPERMASTER TP-Series is a revolutionary "ture" two platen design from Chen Hsong. Designed in 3 years with a team led by leading european and japanese industry experts, it represents a unique combination of world class, no compromise performance and characteristic Chen Hsong affordability. Numerous innovations protected by international patents give this machine a price-performance value that is previously undreamt of. Prepare to be blown away by the kind of wonders it can do to your operation - the possibilities are simply limitless

♦The Fast Clamping Unit Available 750mm/sec

extremely fast clamp movements (8 seconds dry cycle for SM1900TP) Significant shorten cycle time

♦Patented tie-bar/hydraulic connection

Reduces stress concentration and greatly simplifies maintenance

♦Patented High-speed automatic mould-height adjustment

ensures accurate and fast operation

♦State-of-the-Art injection Unit Desing

Extra feeding temperature control zone,

Tri-colinear bearing ensure perfect alignment,

Nozzle tip can be moved beyond the fixed platen by up to 300mm,

All Screws have L/D ratio of 1:22 for optimal ment quality


Second Generation Servo-Drive System
saves up to 80% Electricity*

Driven by a revolutionary inteligent servo system, the seoond-generation SVP/2 power pack combines a fast-response gear
ump with a high-precision servomotor, integrated with a proprietary servo-drive into an affordable package that guarantees
the highest response, highest precison and lowest power consumption at the same time.

Energy Saving

Saves up to 80% of electricity compared to traditional fixed pump systems*

Ultimate Response
Response speed is more than double of a variable displacement pump

Ultimate Precison & Repeatability

Up to 0.5% repeatabilty even under extremely low speed & prolonged holding conditions

Long Operational Life

Low oil temperature conserves cooling water and reduces the need for hydraulic ol,
thus extendingthe useable lives of hydraulic parts,