Chen Hsong JM200-MK6e | Evolution model Injection moulding

Brand: One Stop

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Model: JetMaster JM200-MK6e


Chen Hsong JM200-MK6e | Evolution model Injection moulding


Servo Drive injection Moulding Machine

♦ Superb Energy-Saving
Grade 1 in Chaina national enegry efficiency scale 
Highly-Optimised Hydraulics design leverages advanced servo-control system
abd Leading-edge pump technology, Resulting in reduced energy consumption.
Servo motor and advance gear pump
Optimised machine base structure- strong and stable.

♦ Superior Stability and reliability
patented circular platen reduces platen defomration and evenly dustributes stress
world-Class servo-driven hydraulic system
unique patented circular platen desing, high rigidity and lowes deformation
High-Precision gear-based mould adjustment mechanism ensures stability and part quality.

♦ High-Performance and versatile screw designs
Result of more than 20 years of accumulated japanese expertise.Japanese screw technology
variations based on process requirements
Mixer screw for high mixing demands

♦ Silent Operation
avarage noise level 76.5 dB(A)
advance servo control system contributes to extremely low operating noise

♦ High speed, shorter cycle time
One of the fastest clamping, injection and ejection movements among competition.
Shorter cycle time increased production efficiency
High energy efficiency 
Smoother and more stable motions

♦ High Precision
 Accurate pressure and speed control
Quick and easy automatic moul height adjustment.

♦ Automatic mould-High/Clamping force adjustment
fully-Automatic mould-height adjustment process is fool-proof and simple to use
you no longer need to measure the thickness of the mould ,or manually adjust clamping force. 
with the new algorithm you simply put on a new mould, enter the desired clamping force.
then press OK . The machine does the rest, speedily and accurately,without mistakes.
complexity is greatly reduced and operating personnel training is mostly eliminated.