Chen hsong jetmaster Injection moulding machine JM-MK6 88 to 1650 ton

Brand: One Stop

Short Description:

Brand Company: Chen Hsong  CH

Model:  Jetmaster JM MK6 Series

Capacity: 88 to 1650 ton 


















Chen Hsong Jetmaster MK6 Servi drive injection moulding machine
Superb energy-saving grade 1 in national energy efficiency scale China.

Superior stability and reliability patented circular platen reduces platen deformation
and evenly distributes stress.

High Performance and versatile screw desings result of more than 20 years of accumulated Japanese

High Speed, shorter cycle time one of the fastest clamping injection and evection movements among competition

High precision accutate pressure and speed control

Automatic mould-height/clamping force Adjustment