Chen Hsong injection moulding machine Jetmaster JM260-PET

Brand: One Stop

Chen Hsong

Jetmaster JM260-PET

Chen Hsong has always been a leading provider of PET machinery.The JM-PET series is the product of many decades of experience in PET applications and manufacturing processes.It simply has no equal in this space. In the JM-PET series, you are assured the best product quality,the best production efficiency, and the lowest energy consumption. Regardless of your particular application – PET preforms for water or carbonated drinks, containers for edible oils, cosmetic packaging, wide-mouthed jars, transparent, semi-transparent, single-coloured, multi-coloured etc.

Chen Hsong always has the perfect solution for you.

Highest Quality

Specialised screw and tip designs ensure the highest melt quality with the best mixing and low AA levels beating industry requirements.

Highest Efficiency

Fast-response, high-powered power pack reduces cycle time and lifts production efficiency.

Lowest Noise

High-precision gear pump coupled with high-response power pack ensures high-precision mechanical movements and low operating noise.

Highest Stability and Precision

Name-branded hydraulics and controls, together with high-precision transducers and power pack, provide the necessary reliability and precision to meet high demands, with repeatability as high as ±0.5%.

Lowest Energy Consumption

High-efficiency, fast-response, energy-saving power pack runs exceptionally cool and consumes 40% less electricity than traditional offerings.

Environmentally Friendly

Centralised lubrication and oil recycling system keeps the machine clean and tidy, meeting the needs of food-grade environments. It is also friendly to the environment due to low wastage