Chen Hsong injection moulding machine Jetmaster JM200-UPVC

Brand: Taiwan Union Plastic (TUP)

Jetmaster JM200-UPVC

Chen Hsong


Designed for UPVC

Based on decades of practical applicaion experience,

Chen Hsong designed the perfect injection moulding machine for UPVC,

Redefining what it means to be a "UPVC Machine"

First among others, it stands higher than the rest

The JETMASTER-UPVC series includes the latest generation 10.4" large intelligent controller, speciality-designed bi-metalic screew and barrel set, strong clamping unit reinforced machine base, and high-torque plasticising motor.

Perfectly suitable for producing UPVC pipe fittings, power switches and sockets, building components, metalic tools etc, Chen Hong also stands ready to provide specialised solution for any unconventional needs


Special designed UPVC Screw,

High Strength Plasticising motor,

Digital back pressure control,

Fan Cooled barrel,  

Advance inteligent control system 10.4" display

2 Sets Of core pulls,

Specialty UPVC nozzle,

T-slots plus mounting holes,

Extra-side doors and guards,

Dual balanced injection cylinders,

Stailess steel products chute,