Ultimate Plastic injection moulding machine Jetmaster JM-MK6e Chen Hsong One Stop Plastic Business Solution

Admin 1st Feb 2022

Ultimate Plastic injection moulding machine Jetmaster JM-MK6e Chen Hsong One Stop Plastic Business Solution

Superb Energy Saving 

  1. Grade 1 In China National Energy  Efficiency Scale..
  2. High-Optimised hydraulics desing leverages advanced servo-control system and leading-edge pump technology, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

Superior Stability and Realiability 

  1. Patented circular platen reduces platen deformation and evenly distributes stress.
  2. World-class servo-Driven hudraulic system

High Performance and versatile Screw Design

  1. Result of more than 20 years of accumulated Japanese experties
  2. Japanese screw technology variation based on process requirments



Silent Operation 

  1. Advance servo-contron system contributes to extremely low operation noise
  2. Avarage noise level 76.5dB for JM200-MK6e

Higher Speed, Shorter Cycle time

Automatic mould-height/clamping force adjustment

  1. Fully-automatic mould-height adjustment process is fool-proof and simple use you no longer need to mesure the thikness of the mould, or manually adjust clamping force. With the new algorithm you simply put on a new mould, enter the desired clamping force, then press "OK". The machine does the rest, Speedily and accurately, without mistakes. complexity is greatly reduced and operating personnel trainning is mostly eliminated.



All New Intelligent computer controller CPC-6.0 


  1. Designed and developed in japan   
  2. Complies with JIS and IEC testing standards
  3. Named-Brand high-definition 7" TFT color LCD screen
  4. Wide power range:AC110V~AC280V,50/60Hz
  5. LED backlight with high brightness and long life
  6. Advance SMT technology with hight stability and reliability
  7. Multiple languages
  8. Intelligent fault diagnostics
  9. Online operational instructions
  10. Full suite of networking features as per Industries 4.0

Standard Features

  1. Storage for 150 sets of mould data
  2. Multi-stage authorization allows fine-grained access control
  3. 8 Sets of high-accuracy PID barrel temperature control (30°C~500°C)
  4. Cold start prevention, authomatic pre-heat, blocked nozzle alarm, overflow detection
  5. Temperature range detection and broken thermocouple detection
  6. 6-stage injection, 6-stage holding
  7. 20 channels of sequential injection control (valve gates) by position and time
  8. 6-stage plasticizing, 6-stage back pressure
  9. Up to 6 core pulls and 6 air blows
  10. Alarms history storage for maintenance and troubleshooting
  11. Production quantity and batch control settings; automatically stops production when quantity reached
  12. Automatic toggle lubrication with alarms
  13. Cycle time monitor
  14. Injection speed/pressure curves, compare with standard and injection end position statistics
  15. Status monitor screens show all inputs, outputs, timers and counters, convenient for maintenance and troubleshooting
  16. Retrieval and storage of mould data internal SD card (Optional)
  17. Intelligent fault diagnostics and online operating instructions
  18. Hot-runners control (up to 60 zones) (Optional)
  19. Networking features for industrie 4.0 shop floor integration (Optional)
  20. Data amendment can be saved to server via network