Chen Hsong Jetmaster Injection Moulding Machine

Admin 10th Jan 2022

Chen Hsong is Serving the Plastics Industry with Quality and Technology since there Inauguration

The Chen Hsong was founded by Dr. Chen Chiang in 1958. After more than half a century of endless expansion, Chen Hsong grown from a small machinery workshop to one of the famous manufacturing company of injection moulding machines in the world. Chen Hsong maufactures around 15,000 machines annually, On an avarage 1 machine sold in every 10 minutes, with a customer base covering more than 90 countries worldwide, including China, Taiwan, U.S.A., Canada, France, U.K., Germany, Turkey, India, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and most South East Asian countries. Clamping force starts from 20 tons to 6,500 tons, with shot weight from 28g to 110kg.



        JM200-MK6e | Evolution model with production line


        JM208-MK6 | 6th Gen High-Speedwith MuCelll micro-foaming       


        JM400-MK6e | Evolution with automatic inspection line


        JM800-MK6 | 6th Gen Large-Tonnage


       JM800-MK6 XL | 6th Gen Large-Tonnage with Extra-Large Injection


Chen Hsong’s leading position in the industry is secured through relentless pursuit of technological advancements, manufacturing innovations, no-compromise service levels and single-minded pursuit for excellence.

Chen Hsong has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1991. Before listing, Dr. Chiang donated all his shares to the non-profit charity Chiang Chen Industrial Charity Foundation with a charter to assist in and facilitate the development of manufacturing industries, talents and technologies throughout Greater China.